App in testflight has randomly stopped working

I started testing my app but randomly it has stopped working and crashes when I try to launch. I tried loading old versions of the app and creating a new app in testflight to no avail. It was working perfectly yesterday morning. But then randomly has broken across all my testers. Anyone else experiencing issues.


Hi @Eddie11255,

Usually blank screen means app crash and is causes by the failure of some component. It’s really strange though that even older versions don’t work.
Is your Adalo account active?

Anyway I would suggest submitting a ticket: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

No the app wont even load as soon as I click it. Its crashed. I see the logo and then back to my phone backscreen. All versions no longer work even on a new app. I submitted a ticket but so far I’ve had one response which wasn’t helpful at all.

Sorry to hear that.
Maybe you could try investigating by yourself by looking at crash reports and logs. There is some useful info here: Acquiring crash reports and diagnostic logs | Apple Developer Documentation


Are you using responsive editor?

Its a native app. There’s no issue when previewing just when I go to use test flight it was working for about 2 weeks or 20 updates but randomly has stopped even when tested as a new app or an old version

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