Server Down? ,,,

My entire database was deleted NEED HELP ASAP. Please email me

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Same here. No data in any DB from any app…

This is quite the nightmare same thing here. I was beginning to get hopeful that I could actually run an app here. Just does everything seem to be getting faster and more reliable. I’d hate to have to move platforms this makes me second-guess using adalo…

Same here. All my data went missing about 10 minutes ago.

All the apps are now back to normal! :partying_face:

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Error 503 on API. My data is fine tho… seems like something is wrong.

I’m not in production, still in the design/testing phase - but yes, just a few moments ago it happened to me. All my data, GONE.

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Adalo is investigating what caused this outage, so far, they do know that it was something temporarily that went down on AWS’s side


@James_App_Maker Thank you for info!

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