Adalo SHA256 fingerprint capabilities

Hey :wave: Adalo Family!

I want to create a deep link for my app so that I can run Facebook advertising to a specific page in my app with AppsFlyer and they have a step where you need SHA256 Fingerprint to accomplish this?

Does Adalo have a way to accomplish this, if so can someone maybe walk me through set using a video or set by step?

Hi Qaza,

This post by @TKOTC, may help you with the deep linking.

If you need help setting it up in your account, DM @TKOTC and he’ll be happy to help you. (He’s really nice btw) :slight_smile: or you could ask here.

This Adalo component development playlist should help you. (mostly the 1st video)

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Thanks man I appreciate the video information. Very helpful!!!

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No problem! If have any questions/need help please be sure to ask! :slight_smile:

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Hey man, did you manage to get it to work?

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