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Hey all,

I have completed the build of my app, where barbers can offer a platform for users to book them. Everything works great and I’m really happy with it.

The only thing left to do is to allow barbers to give their customers a link that takes them directly to their own booking page. At the moment, a customer logs in and just sees a list of the nearest barber shops. Each barber shop has their own page within the app, but I can’t work out how to send users directly to this screen, allowing them to book the barber who’s link they clicked.

I have gone through many deep linking tutorials, but it seems Pragmaflow’s components are discontinued and there would be no support if it were to stop working. There are other options but they are hundreds of dollars and I don’t know whether they can be relied on either. As you can imagine, if there are multiple barbers relying on these links to be able to take bookings, we would need a solid component.

I would like a link (personal to each shop) to be created when a barbershop is added to the app, then when a customer clicks this link, they are directed to a page containing said barber’s info and booking options. Is this possible? I hope there is a way of doing this otherwise the app is useless and it will be months of hard work down the drain.

Thanks in advance!


I think you have checked the deep linking provided by myself,

Well i can only tell you one thing about maintenance and what is the difference between PF and mine is that one is for free and the other is paid, and customer who has bought from me knows very well how i maintain the component, plenty of them even posted on the forum about that.

Thank you!

Has your deeplinking component ever gone down or had any data wiping or issues like that?

Never, i have more than 10 people using it including myself. Never had an issue with it, nor a complaint

Honestly PF deep linking will never work anymore on Adalo, unless it got some huge updates, their component was working fine, but Adalo had done some improvements to their core functionality, code ect… which made PF non compatible anymore, the only way to make it work is if you know coding and you can maintain the code by yourself and make it work again…

I see, so you’re basically saying the only way to get deep linking into my app is to pay you for it?

The only way to make deep linking work is if you know how to code or get someone to code it for you, fortunately i know how to code and made it possible in Adalo.

I see :frowning:

I don’t want to be rude but really don’t want to spend a lot on just one feature of my app. What will be the lowest price you can offer me this feature for?

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