How to Edit and Use Lottie Files

Spruce up your app with custom looping or one-time animations from Lottie that are great for displaying confirmations, loading screens, or celebratory pop-ups!


Thank you!! This is super helpful!

How do you display it on a loading screen?

Good question! Loading screens aren’t really functional, but purely for aesthetics in Adalo (i.e. they aren’t really needed). But they can provide the user with a feeling that something is happening in the background and can be used to fill space when calling lots of custom actions, etc. For instance, you can place one on a blank redirect screen to indicate that they are being redirected to a website, login, payment, etc.

Thank you that helps!

@pfordmedia you guys should use the Announcements feed in the App Builder for useful things like this, and when big fixes are applied… Give a little +1 Red Icon, I for one would check them all out. I noticed you added a pie chart component and Jam and couple of others. You also should consider allowing trust worthy component creators the same ability to get their component out there, those are for sure announcement worthy :wink: keep up the great work

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Great idea! Yes we should be utilizing the builder announcement feed more often for sure. More is in the works right now actually for component developers as well to help publicize their components and educate users on how to use it.

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