[Adalo Status Update] Drop-down issues

We are currently investigating issues surrounding the drop-down component and multi-select drop-down component.

Updates on progress will be posted here.


Hi, @anon78309838 how are you? any news about the dropdown repair? even my apps are working badly


Is there any update @anon78309838 ?

This issue is still ongoing. The team is still very much working on the fix but it is taking longer than initially expected.

What I did while Adalo fixes it, I invented this system, add a code to the dropdown … then I order it from the lowest code to the highest, I show you if it serves you

In the collection load the options:

1 - Select Option
2- Burgers
3- Drinks

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Any news of the update? when will it be working fine? @anon78309838

I agree. I don’t want to do any workarounds.

The fix for this is currently with our QA department to ensure the fix works and does not break anything else. I’m hopeful this will be resolved soon! :slight_smile:


Thanks Colin for the update :+1:

I had implemented the same workaround, but how did you deal with it when the user makes another order? When a user comes there for the second time, it looks prefilled but it’s actually not being filled.

Thank you

Did you try erasing the memory? sometimes that happens, but nothing happens if you open it from several users always start an order from zero, do the test!

Thank you, Santiago!

Does anyone know if this has been resolved?

It is still with the QA department


thanks Colin!

Meanwhile trying to calm a customer…

Gm Colin, do we know if this will be solved today-ish?

The initial fixes are being reworked further as our QA team was able to pick up a few edge cases in the testing procedures that were not being validated. The fix remains ongoing for now I’m afraid.


I didn’t want a workaround either, but couldn’t wait for Adalo to come with a solution as my deadline was October 1st.

Maybe my workaround can help some of you! You can clone this app JobApp


Hi @Smartini ,

Nice one,