[Adalo Status Update] Drop-down issues

for those as desperate as me for this…

just emailed with Ben from Adalo. It looks like for real it’s going to get fixed and pushed this week. It entered QA again today.

Fingers crossed!

I cant build my app to testflight I got failed loggs but in the loggs I dont have error

Hi @GabrielCzeczko,

Please submit support ticket for this: Submit a Support Ticket

Also, this topic is related to Dropdown issues, not a Tesflight build problems. As an advice for future - please consider creating new topic if your question is different from original one.

Best regards, Victor.

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can anybody describe me the issue? so I now if I should avoid dropdown menues. Thanks

Dropdown needs a long overdue update.

Check this out,


any news on the update of this? It was supposed to be really, really going to get fixed this week.

Update Monday 11th: I think it’s still not working for me

@anon78309838 any update on this?

Seems that it is in the final stages of the fix. The QA team managed to pick up on one other fault associated to this and the developers are working towards fixing this final fault and then this should be good to go!


This has been resolved!

Anyone experiencing this in their native apps will need to make a new build to see this fixed!

Apologies that this one took so long, it was a doozy!


awesome news, thank you Colin!!!

Brilliant :star_struck:

Thanks Colin :innocent: