Adalo trick - Bubble play

Bubble Play

For example, If you are working on a social media style app and you would like to have ‘Activity page’ to show the likes, comments, etc on his/her posts, this might help you.

Most probably you will face an issue of how to show the right format for each activity.

Lets say -

For Likes - you want a thumbs up and the user who liked it.
For Comments - You want a comment icon and actual comment.
and so on…

If you can play with the bubbles/rectangles, and visibility settings you can make it happen.
you can also create dummy groups on top of existing groups if you need more flexibility.

This can be useful for any page where you need different layout for different kind of data.
I hope i make sense.


May we have more info instead of the link only?

I agree. Just added. Hope it makes sense.

May be a good example would be "Adalo notifications/activty " on your avatar. Take a look at that list and see how those things line up based on the activity.


Its good tutorial!I learned from it.