Some different questions

Hello guys! I’m new here and I have a couple of question about using Adalo.

First of all I have to mention that the course " Fundamentals Of Design In Adalo" does not work. All the videos are missing. There is another way to get this course?

Let’s start with my technical issues :grinning:

I’m im Adalo to create a space where my community could post and comment and receive support for our products. I mainly need something like Facebook. I saw the “Facebook Clone” app but unfortunately is just made for mobile and not desktop. Anyway I was able to replicate (more or less) the feed part but I have a problem.

At the moment users could comment posts but not respond to the comments. I need help to create this kind of “nidification” and I would really appreciate the help of someone.
Furthermore user can just type words in the comments, how can I add the “image” or “gif” or “emoticon” functions?
It’s very important to offer a good experience to the users.

My second question is about “Side Navigation Menu”. Actually I just could manage six menus. What If I need more of it?

Third question: Why sometime I see big differences from where I create layout and the preview page?
Its’ frustrating because I never know if the element position is correct. See the attached please, the first scree is what I see in the editor, the second is the preview.
Screenshot 2024-01-27 alle 06.49.00

Screenshot 2024-01-27 alle 06.49.04

Fourth question: Actually users must press the arrow button on the right of the comment to send comments. How can I let them using enter button to send messages?

Lastly: I want images that becone circle. I’m using “round function” but I’m not sure is the correct way because on certain images the circle is…not a circle :grinning: Just a rectangular image wit rounded bords. How can I fix it?

Sorry for many questions and thank you in advance to all will help me.

Any ideas?

Hey @mauroaluffi,

Well, it’s kind of challenging to answer a post with several questions at once. Keep in mind we all are volunteers here :wink:

Some of the answers:

  • Side menu is limited and if you need more than 6 items - you will need to create your own menu

  • Fundamentals of Design - seems that the creator @designbykelcy has removed the videos for some reason or the links are broken, maybe she can answer

  • for adding images to comments, you can search for a chat template (there were few messages on the forum) which support images. In brief you just need to add an extra button to the comment (upload image) and have “image” property in Comments collection

  • custom emoticons inside the text might be cumbersome but you can add usual ones I believe (switch the keyboard to emojis). Maybe you’ll need to create a mini popup with all emojis and add its code to the input when user clicks on the emoji. Maybe someone who did this can advise.

  • Layout and preview: keep in mind that the length of the string “count” and length of the string “0 likes” are different. So the string auto-adjusts its length. But the icon above has no idea about it and stays in the same position. You can avoid this by grouping the icon and the text together using the underlying rectangle; rectangle will provide the “boundaries” for the elements so they stay in the same place. I highly recommend reading this help section

  • Circle was discussed some time ago and someone else complained about incorrect rounding. You might need to experiment.


Oh Victor, sorry for my rudeness :face_with_peeking_eye:
I didn’t know you were volunteers, I thought I was chatting with the support team.

I really appreciate your help, I’ve just made purchase even if I’m encountering many difficulties to create what I have in mind.

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