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Hi Adalo Community.
Here’s a use case for you. In an app I’m building I need to trigger an external api on all items of a list. Right now, I can only trigger that call when I click on each item but what I’m looking for is to do that in a discrete way without clicking.

Is there an action we can set on every item that would be ran when that item displays on the screen or loaded in memory?

Thank you

Hi @Repackaged ,

First of all, nice app, thanks for showing us what Adalo can do in real app.

My thought would be to create interim screen that use the same filter as interactive screen you want to display, and in that interim screen, as usual, put countdown component inside the list and do action there.

Link to interim screen, before or after interactive screen is another decision.

Other thing, can I get your APK, because I cannot download it from Play Store ?


Thank you @Yongki
Which country are you in? I’m planning on releasing the app in more countries

Hi @Repackaged

I am in Indonesia.


Thank you. I’m still working on some localization before adding new countries but for now don’t hesitate to use the preview version Dear Cloud

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