External Collection Xano - login/signup JSON has correct info. Adalo test not returning successful

Hi Cool Community. I am working on connecting the User side of my app which lives in @xano. The connection test is NOT returning successful. But the JSON confirms that the info is moving back and forth. Watched all the YouTube videos & read documentation on both Adalo & Xano. No luck.

I’m probably messing up something simple… any ideas?



*the screenshot above confirms the signup went through to Xano

I should add that I moving TO Adalo from a custom website & database. All of my user info & databases have been migrated to @Xano. And I’m trying to connect it so existing user don’t lose any of what they’ve contributed.

It looks like you are setting up an external collection here, but for the login you actually need to set your whole app up under the external users beta.

You can see the external users setup has 5 steps.

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Thanks for sharing this! I’d already watched it a few times, but it seems like Adalo has been updates since this video was made. I’ve enabled developer mode. And could not find anything that looked like what was being presented in this video.

What’s the path to sign up for the beta?

You need to make a new app, then the option should be there under advanced options


Thanks you to all of the people who contributed to thinking this through. I wish I would have known about this before laying out all of the other elements of the app. I was able to rebuild the app faster, but needing to start over was kind of a bummer.

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