Add conditions to a button and input text field

Hello, I am trying to build a form and I need to have button that when clicked it will add (make visible) another field. Is there a way to do this or a component that I dont know about.

By the way it is way. When I left Adalo, because of there pricing politic and actually other stuff, they even don’t let me to acces to free plan:) (sometimes I am returning here, for cheking if I can go to free plan) So I can’t see what I done till now. But ok, let’s remeber how I done that. Well - inputs + visabilities. First input you will see always - second only than, when first will be not empty, third - only than, when 2 won’t be empty and so on. But it will work if you will do selectable inputs or you can play arround with it. Let’s say you have simple input - user is writting somtehing and he must to confirm what he wrote, so via this action you can adapt same simple logic, which I already told you.

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