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I’m making an app with groups and I would like to give users the capability to add other users to a group that they create or are a part of. I am able to do this by filling a drop-down list with every user. However, I would rather not have every user of the app exposed in the dropdown list. Instead, I would like for the user who is adding to the group to be able to type an email address into a text entry field and add the user with that email to the group. Please let me know if you have a suggestion on how to do this.

Thank you!

I found this video that gave me something pretty close to what I was looking for. I didn’t end up using the unique code the way Adalocado (the person who posted the video) did, but I used his method of filtering a list based on an input (email address in my case) and clicking the “add” icon on the list item to add that user to the group.

I would prefer not having to have the intermediate step of showing the user in the list, but this works and it was easy to implement.

I’m also interested in inviting a user to a group by entering their email, and it looks like the technique in the video would work well for that.

Hi @larry219 ,
There was a similar request going around the forum somewhere but you can use similar process to the video but limit the results of the list to a maximum of 1, use list filters and visibility conditions.

You can use filter in the List of Users to filter results via the input text field:

In this case I used “Name” (For you would be email)

If you use “Equal” it will only show exact email match,


if you use “Contains” it will show the match of type keywords until you type the whole email , If you would filter “CO”,” or “” or “” until you would type all the way to the end.

to reduce number of values if you use “Contains”, you can limit the “Maximum number of items” to 1

And hide the list until they start filling the input text field.


Check here: The One with the tasks

Type “Task 11” or “Task 1” or “Task 4”, this is using the filter “Equal”

Remark: the search is case sensitive, “task 11” will not work.

You can use similar process to the video but limit the results of the list to a maximum


Thank you. This is very helpful!

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