Create a “NO RESULT FOUND” for custom list

How do I create a no result found for a custom list I made that has a search option?

this is the full list no search

a result was found for what was entered

this is where I need the “no results found” icon and text. I know some if not all of the prebuilt lists have it but I can’t use those for what I need as you see in the first image one list item looks different than the others intentionally

You will need to add a text field on this page with a visibility rule.

If you use the count function of records:

And then filter these by the search component (plus any other filters you have)

and set the count equal to 0

That way it should appear when you search through the search bar


Hi @Zwood,

What you need to do is add a visibility condition to the text or if you have a image also group them both and adding the condition to the group.

The condition will based on the all records>count. For example All Users > is equal to > 0 and a filter that property that you have added for search in the list so name > contains > input. Same filter that you added for the custom list.

See here : No Results Found for Custom Lists.mp4 - Google Drive

Adalo Docs : How to Create an Empty State - Adalo Resources

Edit : Just saw Archer’s post. :+1:

Thank you


Thank you for the video. It helped me make sure I had everything set properly with each component that was in it.

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