List Empty State Feature

Adalo (secretly) just shipped a new feature - Lists Empty State

For any list type (except Custom), you can now set an empty state image, text, and/or button!


That’s fantastic !!! Does that mean now there’s no need any more for the visable sometimes for images/icons “if count = less than 1” show … ?

Not really, it’s not available for custom lists so, you may stick to the count solution.

Ye. I have a few custom lists alright. Though for a lot of the Adalo Avatar Sliders, Grids etc this is still a very welcome improvement. I also found custom lists to run slower in comparison to the Adalo in the box list.

In any case hopefully they add this to custom lists also :slight_smile:

I also noticed you can search the default list also… maybe thats been there a while… but thats a bigger one for my lists… as it was always a pain. Now it searches “any magic text” used in the list!


As long as you’re using a non-custom list you can choose what to show when there aren’t any search results

why it’s not possible in custom lists? it will be very helpful actually and very time saving

The custom list doesn’t come with an empty state because it’s custom. So, simply create a custom empty state :grin: