List Empty State Feature

Adalo (secretly) just shipped a new feature - Lists Empty State

For any list type (except Custom), you can now set an empty state image, text, and/or button!


That’s fantastic !!! Does that mean now there’s no need any more for the visable sometimes for images/icons “if count = less than 1” show … ?

Not really, it’s not available for custom lists so, you may stick to the count solution.

Ye. I have a few custom lists alright. Though for a lot of the Adalo Avatar Sliders, Grids etc this is still a very welcome improvement. I also found custom lists to run slower in comparison to the Adalo in the box list.

In any case hopefully they add this to custom lists also :slight_smile:

I also noticed you can search the default list also… maybe thats been there a while… but thats a bigger one for my lists… as it was always a pain. Now it searches “any magic text” used in the list!


As long as you’re using a non-custom list you can choose what to show when there aren’t any search results