Adding a URL to Database

I created a component list of audio files and youtube video files. I connected it to a database, and I would like to add a url property to the record. I tried to add a file property but when I added the actual mp3 file it doesn’t play. I’m sure videos will be too large to store so I would like to have an external url added to the record. Thanks!

Hi Faith,

I would suggest watching this video about Audio Player, also for the YouTube video the video has to be a youtube link.

If you have any questions after you watch the video just reply to this message! :slight_smile:

Thanks James. This video helped a bit however I am not creating a file but a list.

Hi Faith,

You could use conditional actions for this.

In your database create a true/false property named Audio Files, then create another true/false property named YouTube Files.

Then for the list you need to create two “on click” actions, one for the Audio Files that is conditional, if the current File is > equal to > Audio File, then you would do the same for the other action but for the YouTube File. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!