Upload audio files to the database to play in the new audio player


I am trying to upload .mp3 files to a database so that it can play on the audio player.

  • it doesn’t allow me to upload these audio files

Not sure what I am missing?


At this time in order to upload these files you’ll have to set up a screen with a file picker that you will upload through the app to the database. If you do not want your users to see this screen just make an admin property, set yourself as the admin and then have an icon on the home screen that is only visible to the admin and will link to this file picker screen.


I have done that now but when I add the files into the database, it’s still not playing the mp3. I am probably missing something. The only options it gives are ‘filename’, ‘URL’, and ‘size’. There is no option to select the file to play.

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You need to use the URL property of the audio file within the options of the audio player component.

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Hey, how do you upload the audio file to a specific database item? Once I upload the audio, it’s kind of just there, but I need to attach it to a specific item (like a database titled “Songs” that features artist name, album, etc.).

@StefonW I have made a very short video to answer your question. https://www.loom.com/share/e10a195c2b924b0a888733e4b806cca7

That was very helpful. Thank you so much!

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