Automatically Add a User to a collection on sign up

I have users and a linked collection called groups set up. I need it to automatically add a new user to a Group when they sign up. I can’t seem to do it from updating the User OR updating the Group.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

I would say first to check the relationship between the collections: Users and Groups.

Ensure that the relationship is the correct one.

Then, when the user signs ups, you can have an action that updates the user field related to the relationship with Groups.

The relationship is correct as it needs to be. many to many. I tried to do that but its not possible to add the user to just a single group.

And if I try to add it as an action to the sign up button, I still can’t

just try adding an action to the submit button which will create a that collections, that how i do it…

This will work when you have it as a custom form no the default adalo’s one

What do you mean by a custom form?

A form made by using text inputs and button, and not the default form system within adalo

Your idea gave me an idea. Instead of recreating the form, after sign up I have it go to a New User Welcome Screen where it gives them a “Let’s Go!” button that triggers the actions

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