Can we add some "current data" into the app right from the welcome screen through adding something in the domain or coding or even some kind of integration?

Let me know if this seems too crazy, but I want to create a single app that multiple clients can inframe in their sites and then I can somehow add a certain user data once the user signs up automatically. Maybe through link or code? or any integration possible to create anything closer to this.

Hi @Ravi_Kola ,

You could make your own signup form and make list of that button, then you can access the collection in that list to actions or next screen.

If you already have the data then you can integrate this into page actions.

For example…

You can create a page load action that says - if a user email address contains ‘XYZ’ then go to a certain screen or perform a certain action.

Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?