Adding *gasp!* code?

Hi all! Just finished my app, except I need to add a tiny bit of code to it for some custom functionality. Basically I just need for my app to wiggle the user’s cursor every 3 minutes when they are on a certain screen. Basically my app simply toggles on and wiggles their cursor to keep them from going to screensaver mode. Then when they toggle it off nothing needs to happen.

Can someone advise me on how to add this in? I thought there was a spot to add your own if you wanted to, but can’t seem to find it anymore…I’m also a total newbie, so there’s that.


Hi Evan, welcome to the forums!

Currently there is no way to add custom code to an Adalo app. It is a popular feature request and you can add your vote to it here:

Thanks a bunch Colin… I was worried someone would say that. I appreciate your help!

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