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I am using Adalo to create an app. I want a function where the user can use Google maps within the app. I read this is done by accessing a Google API key. Can someone help me please?

  1. Is this correct?
  2. when I read about the Google API key is talks about billing after the trial period. I’ve also read it’s free provided it isn’t used for an enterprise. How does this work, how much is it?
  1. Yes this is correct.
  2. I’m not sure about free unless used for enterprise - I didn’t see this. However usually with the cost of Google Services anything used after the trial period will be trivial unless your app scales up. I have set up Google Maps and other Google Cloud Platform services and as far as I know have never paid anything.

Thank you! Does anyone else know at what point charges occur and if there is a free version?

Here you go :man_mage:

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Thank you!

reading the information on google maps we talk about receiving $ 200 every month to be spent on google services, since each action on the map has a cost. is that correct?
As I understand it, this $ 200 cap is never exceeded, right?

Yes seems that way.

perfect, thank you very much :+1:t2:

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Hi all,

Thanks for your help. FYI this was Google’s response.

“…we provide a $200 credit equivalent to free usage every month. For example, for the Dynamic Maps API this credit is equal to 28,000 requests, as soon as you exceed this amount we charge $7 per every thousand requests.”

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