Maps Javascript API Billing question

Hi all,

I’m still relatively new to Adalo and in the process of trialing out the various marketplace components for myself.

I’d like to explore/experiment with the Map component, but it seems (at least based off the Adalo Help Documents - Marketplace components/Maps) that in order to get a Google Maps API key you need a project with a billing account?

It says billing setup is required for each project, but you will only be charged if a project exceeds its free quota?

Naturally, I am a bit hesitant to set up billing details for something I have no experience with - is there a work around or can any of you please provide details on what I can expect from a cost perspective? What is their free quota? Also is it safe?

Any tips/advice would be much appreciated, TIA

According to this you get $200 pm credit and then depending on what you API you are using. According to this you’ll have to use more 10K map calls per day before you will get into being billed. You can also restrict your API key so its only used for your app, and for certain regions.

Thanks HelenR, that is comforting to know…

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Google have made it very affordable for now. If you are building an app for an external person, I suggest adding about $20 pm to their hosting fees for api calls just in case

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