Can i use google markers for free? if low load

can i use google markers for free? if low load

hello, I didn’t figure out how to install Google Maps + Adalo, the Google maps test period is over and in the settings I saw that the Google Maps API starts at least $ 200, does anyone know how to use the display of markers on the Google map along with Adalo?

You’ve possibly misread the Google offer. You get $200 of free Google CREDIT every month. That amounts to many many tens of thousands of calls to the api. In fact, I see the time when I will have so much traffic that I will have to actually start paying google as a “nice problem to have”! :slightly_smiling_face:

hello, yes, it’s absolutely true, the trial has already passed with me, and I found this information in the tariffs section, what cards will be charged monthly at least $ 200, your cards work well, after the trial version, do you continue to use the cards?

Can you show where you are seeing the tariffs? It’s €200 of free credit every month. ie you have to use $200 worth of services before they start to charge.

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