How to load Google Map on particular zoom level around me, regardless of the markers it's loading

Hi all,

I have an app where theoretically a lot of markers are loaded on a map. Most of the time, the users are mostly interested in the markers around them (not the ones on the other side of the world directly).

Ideally I would like to load all markers. Potentially they could be all around the world. The default behavior of Adalo is to zoom out the map so that all markers are visible on the map.

This leads to many markers on top of each other (see example above), so the user first needs to zoom in on his/her location to see the markers that matter for him/her.

How can I load all markers while still zooming in on a radius of around 10km around the device location? The user can then start zooming/panning to find different interesting markers.

Or is it possible to initially load only the markers that are 10km around me and load more when zooming/panning the map? Anyone any creative solution for this?

No one a clue how I could solve this creatively?
Or would it be a custom component?

Hey Tom @Toms,

Not a lot of options here, in my opinion :frowning:
You can set a filter on a list so location is within X km from current device location. Then you’ll have a good starting view for a user, BUT the map won’t load the locations which are more far away.

Maybe you could make this filter dynamic - with something like a slider which sets the distance (property for a logged-in user), and the map which uses this property as a filter (see above). Although I’m not sure if it will update the map dynamically (refresh is needed or not) and also how much API calls will such approach consume.

Just some ideas :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions @Victor. A custom component might be better/easier/cheaper on the long run. @gskachkov, is this something you can help me with again?

Yes, sure I think I can develop such component for you. Ping me in DM

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