🐒 Advanced Device Detector | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone! It’s that time again. A new component from NoCode Monkey.

:point_right:Advanced Device Detector

  • Create a Fully Responsive Web Design
  • Get live screen data like Width and Height via Magic Text
  • Also get Device OS (iOS / Android / Web) and Device Type (desktop / tablet / mobile)

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THIS IS IT!!! I just purchased!!
I have been waiting for this one for SOOO long! Dude, @Michael I cant tell you enough how great you are! Im literally saving a version of my app right now and completely rebuilding! This is Amazing!


Great, I love this component, we save time developing in double version, will you have a video of how the development works? would it be like wordpress? Do you develop in desktop size and can you see or modify the mobile version? or how would it be

Hey @Santiago
I actually just created a tutorial that I’m sending out to everyone when they buy it.

The simple explanation if you are using it for a website is that you can set visibility rules on your components based on the width of the screen.

So basically you can decide on breakpoints to hide or show different elements on your screen. (ex. Sometimes visible if width is greater than 950)

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense