Advice: How to register 3 different types of users? Separate sign ups or a better way?

I have been stuck for 2 weeks trying to allow 3 types of users with different styled profiles and app permissions to register. It just gets stuck on the redirect screen I have an input on that should be filled automatically with the selected user type from a modal after they click signup.

I have searched the forum, help and youtube.

Currently, I have a database with master user types and cannot figure out how to get the new user to redirect with a blank screen holding the action and none transition to one of the 3 sign-ups.

What i did in my case is adding a property called roles in users, like admin, standard, basic.
I assigned from database the role for now but i can make update from custom admin page.
Once you did roles you can add an action to update roles when user sign in first time based on sign in pages.
If u want you can make 3 different home page based on role or in my case i choose to made restriction to my homepage so some buttons are not visible to basic role or standard.

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Hey @rjoelitevolley !

You may want to take a look at our How to Create Multi-Sided Apps | Help Doc to get a better understanding on how to set this up.


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