How to signup 3 different types (each with two subtypes) and redirect to 3 MASTER TYPE profile templates?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to sign up a new user so that they select their “master type” from three options and then pass that info so that they see 1 of 3 different screens to then complete that users type’s subtypes and head on to their unique profile.

My pages:

  1. Splash page
  2. Landing page redirecting to signup or login
  3. Signup page with six fields
  4. terms agreement page
  5. verify email - b. success - c. oops page cycle
  6. verify phone - b. success - c. oops page cycle
  7. loading page (for only after the signing up process)
  8. 2 final steps select SUBTYPE T/F user fields & DEFINE POSITIONS dropdown
  9. user profile should load

My setup:

  • a database with 3 MASTER TYPES linked to the user profile
  • three T/F fields in the user profile
  • a loading page with conditional actions to redirect, BUT I cannot figure out how to get it to toggle a T/F TRUE.

I thought was cleaner to have one dropdown where a new user selects MASTER TYPE ONLY (because with subtypes, I would have SIX radio buttons) but maybe I need three different sign-up pages?

I’m lost.

Hi @rjoelitevolley ,

Another thought would be to provide buttons that have actions to set value and link to other screens.

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