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Hi everyone. I’m struggeling with my sign up pages. i want to create 3 user type profile that will redirect user on a specific dashboard later. i’ve used the true false componants with toogles to identify each types. the user have to click on his profile type to get through this step. If the user doesn’t select any type or more than one ,he will get an error message saying " please select one option", and if he select one type , his profile will be updated and he will get redirected on the home page where he can have access to his proper dashboard. My problem now is that either the toogles or the “next” button work when i click on them , i just get an error message from adalo. Does someone has a solution for that please? Thanks in advance.

here is a video from my settings : New Recording - 28/02/2023 11:58:55

Hi @mathieunarcisse35,

Do you logged in to the app already or not? If you not you will get a message like Action Cannot Be Completed. And the Splash screen should be the Welcome screen right? And why you need multiple signup screens? You can link the button to a one signup screen.

Thank you

yes that’s it. I need multiple sign up screen because there will be diffrent types of users so the informations you will put in the form (sign up )will based on your type.

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