User with multiple


I’m trying to create a user that can have multiple types with one email on the login
I have look at the video and there are options to for one on one relationship
But I’m trying to create an option on login where a user can be a multi-user
I have tried to do it by drop-down but can not link to users’ data.
here is an example


for example, I would like to set up a user on signup and ask what type of user they are first
they could be all of the following or one or two of the following with the same name
First Name
Last Name

Has anyone got any help here ?
Thanks in advance


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In order to use these options in a dropdown they will need to be added as records in a “User Type” collection or similar. The User Type collection will also need a many-to-many relationship with the Users collection. After the user signs up, they can be sent to a screen with either a multi-select dropdown with the User Types or a list of the User Types with a toggle.

The only issue with doing this is that no matter what, the user must be already created in order for many-to-many relationships to be updated in the user’s record. This leaves you with two options:

  1. Send the user to another screen to select user types
  2. Control the user type select/list with visibility so it’s only visible once the Logged in User’s email is not equal to empty

Thanks , Yes I can get it to work that way but really wanted to do on the login front screen

Gotcha. Yeah only way really is to use visibility for that type setup.

Thanks so much for the confirmation and same understanding
I need the member type for a voting , chat , and repair function which Im having huge problems creating
as the user may be in any of the groups , getting a little complex

When you say many to many thats the last option ?

Yes, that’s correct!

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