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hello, I created a project in mobile version but I made a copy of this project and I would like it to be in PC version, how do I do it?

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You can create a new app and select Desktop Web App and then when you come to the third screen that where you give the name for the app click Advanced Options and select Share Database with An Existing App and select that mobile version you created from the drop down. Then you will get the same Database from your Mobile version to this Web App. Then you can start building the Web App.

This Docs will help you to create another app sharing the same database :

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I had the same issue when I was trying to to develop my pwa app from my mobile app that I did. The last response was correct that you can share the database between the two app versions.

Then what I was able to do is to copy some of the screens and paste it into the web app which save me some time.

It would be a great feature for Adalo to be able to duplicate the app from a mobile version to a web version and vice versa.

Hope that helps…

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