Switching from web app to mobile?

I have a web app i made and i want to convert it to a mobile app, do I need to rebuild the entire app? Any ideas?

Any news on this question? would be a lifesaver!

Hi @rjp,

There is a possibility to copy screens between the apps. So you might try to create another mobile app, select the option of using the same database upon app creation and then copy the screens to your mobile app.
Of course you will need to name some screens again, re-arrange the screen components, adjust screen sizes, re-link the screens and may be update some actions (for example, in my experience “sum” action to calculate the total price stopped working). Basically, you will need to re-run all the tests on your app.

To be clear: I didn’t do web->mobile, but I did mobile->web, so the answer above based on the experiences from that.
And I don’t know how it works from inside, so may be @Colin can provide more insights :slight_smile:


What Victor suggested is currently the best (only) way to do this.

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What exactly is the process flow? Because if I just create a new app from scratch, I am prompted with the option to select between a mobile app and a web app. If I just copy the app, how do I select web app?

open up both NEW web app and your current app in different windows. then just copy what you want from one and past to the other window!


You can share databases when creating a new app using the “blank” template @iron49man

Sharing Database in Adalo. Please help - Help - Adalo

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@CopyThat Oh wow I didn’t realize you could paste stuff from one window to another. Thanks!

@AddyEdwin I’ve seen this, but have heard of users having problems with deleting apps that share the same DB with another. This presents an issue because my current method of “Backing up” the app is to just make a copy of the master and when I make further updates, I delete the old backup. Are there any known/unresolved issues with deleting apps that share the same DB?

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I have created backups of a “main” app by sharing the same database and then deleted those backups later on, and the main app remained unaffected. I found that as long there was still one app using that database, the database wouldn’t get deleted.

However, that was months ago, and the problems others are facing might be recent, so I don’t know the latest update.

if you’re going to convert a mobile app into a web app

When it comes to converting web apps, there are five things to keep in mind.

  1. Be Aware of the Platform-Specific UI Design Guidelines’ Nuances
  2. Adapt the User Interface to the Mobile Device Display Format
  3. Extend the functionality of the current system
  4. Select the Most Appropriate Development Tools
  5. Do not skimp on software testing.
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