PWAs Down for Now

Maybe is just a moment, just wanted to report my PWAs are down.


Same here, PWAs down on all apps, all devices, and in adalo preview. :raising_hand_man:

Just ran into this issue a few moments ago as well.

The same … i am about to start my deliveries and now i’m fuc#%#

I have 3k users in the last day of a seminar trying to pass their tests. big trouble again in less than one month.

Lets hope team adalo see and its a fast fix.

right now I have an appointment with my client to show him the application that I developed with adalo, and I can’t show it to him because it doesn’t show the screen… it’s sad that they promise you things and don’t deliver… if it’s not slow now it’s that I can’t even show my application.

Hi there!

We are aware of an issue and are jumping on it now!

Thank you for reporting it :slight_smile: and if you notice it in the future — please also send in a ticket as that will help us identify impact!

Hope to have this resolved soon!

Katelyn from Adalo


thanks for your answer. Ticket sent as well. Hopefully you can get us up and running soon. Thanks for the fast response please do keep us posted so we know at least what to say to our clients.

We just deployed a fix and everything should be working now!

There was a slight issue with any apps that had an undefined property type, although this has been fixed.

I apologize for the brief disruption!

If you see this happen again, don’t hesitate to send in a ticket.


Thank you so much for the fast response!

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Amazing work!!!


Now up and running, confirmed via support email as well.

Supper its runing!!!

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