Airtable as a list

It displays the data from airtable as a list, and the is Public? field is I want to make it look like it doesn’t show anything other than true, but the filter doesn’t work and all of them are It will be displayed at. … external-collections-with-apis/airtable/ working-with-lists/filtering-airtable-lists

I’m referring to this link, but can anyone examine where I’m wrong?
I’ve tried many different descriptions, but they don’t get filtered and they all show up.

@yuri You have to use filterByFormula. See:

Thank you so much! karimoo

also, “Trues” can be used from the Field Visibility, this way…
you dont need to write the code, you just select parameters and conditions :upside_down_face:
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you are too advanced - forget all your code - this is no-code era !
:smile: :ok_hand:

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