Airtable Formula fields inconsistency

I am using airtable for my data collections, and I see that if we use “Select” fields, it is not possible to use Formula fields, but if we use lists, it is possible to use formula fields. Is this know as a bug? Thanks

Can you provide some more details of what you are trying to achieve and what you have currently setup. I can then make some specific recommendations based on that.

Hi Colin,
I am using a workaround with airtable to push dates from today to 90 days ahead. For example in Airtable I have the following fields:

1 - Booking date - Text
2- Indexation of booking date - autonumber
3. Booking date - Formula to calculate 90 days from always today date
4. Today date field - Formula Today()

What I am trying to achieve is:

I use the field 3 to have all dates from today to 90 days in advance. this is calculated by summing field with indexation of booking date (1,2,3, and so on)

But when I try to add field 3 to the Select field in Adalo it does not work, I can only choose text or number fields and not the formula field 3 which is what I need to pull every day (so I don’t show past dates). But the lists do actually accept formula fields. For now, I have to copy every day, data from field 3 to 1 in order to show in adalo.

And the reason I don’t use a simple date field is because client is in country with language different than english and also he needs date format in European as for now it is in American format (YYYY-mm-dd and not dd-mm-YYYY).

Thank you, Jorge

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