AirTable filters not working correctly


I have list which is loaded from AirTable database. I made basic drop down filtering which is working but I also need search input filter as option. Every time when I add the search input filter, it breaks the whole list and nothing is showing. If I delete the input filter, everything works again. :thinking:

I think those wrong placed quotes are doing that for you!


You also have parenthesis misplaced.

Search(LOWER(‘Input4’),LOWER({Response docs kunta}))


This forum is amazing. :smiley: I used many hours to see what’s wrong but didn’t see that… Now it works! Thanks!

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So now you have more time to some more Adaloing :smiley: .

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Yep! Sorry for bothering but in other list I have another filterByFormula so now when I added the search input it breaks the earlier added filterbyformula.

Is there way to put 2 filters in one? I mean use one filterbyformula and add the first one and search input in same?

In this case you use and AND(logic 1, logic 2) also the “OR”, depends on your case, you don’t use twice “filterByFormula”.

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EDIT: Got it work now! :slight_smile:

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:smiley: , You got tricked again by the parenthesis :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yep! :smiley: Had to test many times before I got it work. I hate this kind of “coding”.

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