Airtable Filters Taking A While to Load

Hi All,

I have my DB set-up through airtable with a few different bases. As such, I use the filterByFormula function extensively to show the results I want to.

I’ve started to notice that after page load, the airtable filters don’t really do their job until about 20 seconds later. Everything on the page loads (as if the data were unfiltered) and then about 20 seconds, everything gets filtered to how it’s supposed to be.

Does anyone else have this issue or know any fixes?


Hey @bmceuen, similar issue here, but my filters don’t apply until I revisit the screen. Did you end up finding a fix?

I submitted a ticket to Adalo a while ago for an actual fix, but in the meantime, you can create a splash screen.

My issue is my home screen, so what I did was create a blank screen (with 100% transparency and no elements) and set that as my new logged-in home screen. I created an action on that screen that when it’s visited (i.e. when a user logs in), it auto redirects (with no transition) to my actual home screen (which is just a regular screen at this point).

This tricks the the API call into happening/filters working.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @bmceuen I did a pre-filter with a Countdown and its working


If you also don’t need to pull all the data, you can pre-filter in Airtable, by using “Views” and adding that to the EndPoint, so it comes filtered immediately.
Airtable by default will show 100 results, but you can minimize that if you don’t need the 100 and then need to filter using the formula in the frontend.