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For some reason, there are two icons that do not top align with the others. It looks fine in preview mode, but when I install from TestFlight, it looks really bad… please help! I need to get this deployed soon! :slight_smile:

Kevin B.

Try putting an invisible rectangle along the top for them to snap to.

Thanks Rozza! but im using the Tab bar component. I’m unable to break it apart to add a rectangle object. I could put it on top of the tab bar, but I dont think that will work as expected.


How frustrating for you.
I never use the component personally.
I think you would need to raise a ticket to Adalo for this. Or build a custom one from individual components yourself.

Out of interest is there an advantage of the nav bar component over a custom made one?

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Welcome to the community @Kevykev003 :sunglasses:

It’s faster to add a tab bar than to create a custom one. That’s the benefit.

Definitely submit a ticket for this issue @Kevykev003 as this is unexpected behavior for the tab bar component.

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Faster to build but no advantage in performance I guess

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I personally never use the tab bar because of the additional spacing that’s added on android devices.

I only use it in this 1 app lol.

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Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 10.59.06 AM

I created the custom nav bar… the icons and text are not as crisp as I would like… but hopefully this does the trick… I will publish to testFlight and cross fingers! :slight_smile:

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Get the icons in a high resolution for perfect clarity. I think some devices require 3x resolution with the amazing screen definition available now.