All the QR scanner app makers.. Have you faced this issue?

While using the QR scanner and QR code generator components in Adalo, have you faced the issue where the scanner counts more scans than it actually should?

I’ve got the scanner set up to update a collection which holds a “scan count” property when it scans the QR code, but when I automatically push to a new screen in a seperate action, after ths scan updates the property, it sometimes shows the correct [Scan Count]+1 amount that I’ve configured it to show, and other times it will add 2,3,4 extra scans.

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with scanning the code off of a screen/monitor vs scanning it off of a piece of paper? I can’t print out my code to test it but has anyone else faced this issue?

Edit: I’m getting my partner to print off a QR code on some paper and she’ll bring it home, I’ll update the post with my findings when I can.

After watching a YouTube video by @Victor on the topic of QR scanning, he mentions resetting the QR scanner. I’ve decided to take that approach and also show/hiding the scanner and the result on the same page as opposed to automatically linking to another screen in an action when the scanner scans a code.

This has fixed my problem, just updating the post for anyone current or in the future who might face this problem.

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Just in case, here is the video: Quick QR code scanner in Adalo for mass QR processing - YouTube :wink:

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