Does Adalo work better with QR code or barcode?

As I understand it, Adalo has both a QR code generator and a QR code reader, but no barcode generator or barcode reader. Is that correct?

So that leads to my question. I want to use a scannable code in my app for member management and member activity management in my brick and mortar store. Since I’m building my app with Adalo, is there any reason I should choose one code over the other?

Are there pros and cons to QR codes vs barcodes in my Adalo app? Also, are there any problems with the existing QR code generator or reader components?

By the way, all my codes will be simple numbers (member ID numbers and merchandise ID numbers). I will scan the member ID to allow access to services and when renting or borrowing equipment.

So, Adalo community, which one should I use?

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