Allow customers to select multiple categories about themselves

Hi! I’m making an app where users can specify what categories they’re in, and then when someone taps on a button for all people under that category, the other person shows up.

So let’s say when a user named Bill is making a profile, he can select he’s in the categories: “Dog-Lovers,” “Beatles Fan,” and “Tennis-Player.” There’s a Categories collection that has a Many-To-Many relationship to Users. Then, when a user named Sarah taps on a button to find people under the category “Dog-Lovers,” Bill shows up, and when she taps on “Tennis-Player,” Bill shows up.

I set up the many-to-many database relationship for Categories and Users, but when I saw the profile creation page, there’s not a drop-down list allowing people to select multiple categories about themselves.

Is there a way to have a drop-down menu of Categories where they can select multiple categories about themselves? Right now in the field for Categories, it makes people type in stuff, but I’m trying to have them select multiple from a determined list.

I’ve done this Category selection thing for one category, but I’m trying to get them to be able to select multiple categories.

Hi @matthewlee ,

Try using simple list and at the right option, use toggle for that many-to-many field.

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