Can't set many to many using mutli-select dropdown

Working on an app where users can input their skills, which are options from a “skills” collection. I have set a relationship in “Users” with “Skills” as a many to many relationship. A user is allowed to have multiple skills and skills can have multiple users.

I know setting many to many values currently isn’t allowed in forms, so I’m trying to use the “mutli-select dropdown”. I have the multi-select dropdown and a button. I created an action so when someone clicks the button it updates the user and I intend to set the skills. However I don’t see “other components” when I click “Skills” in the action. I have tried changing the relationship to a “user can have multiple skills, a skill has one user” - this also didn’t work. Something seems broken.


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Add that update action here in your multiselect dropdown.


You can’t add that selected item in your multiselect dropdown by a button but if you add a dropdown ( Not the multiselect) Then you can. If I’m wrong someone will reply here @nolan20 :blush:

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Interesting. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Thanks for the help! I haven’t test this yet but I hooked it up and I’m sure it works!

I just posted another topic @dilon_perera where I feel like I’m pushing the bounds of Adalo. Would be great to get your thoughts if you have the time. Here’s the link: Matching based on simple math - Help - Adalo

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Your welcome @nolan20 :innocent:

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