Allow users to create their own list?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to figure out how to let users create their own list. For example;

Anything in [brackets] are their own dropdown or a text input.

Create a diet entry list;

[Protein shake] [16] [oz] [Enter calories]
[Chicken] [100] [grams] [Enter calories]

Save this meal as [Monday Meal Plan], then have the ability to save it?

I already have a category for chicken, numbers, and unit measurements but I’m unsure how to allow a user to capture this information and store it like a diary or entry that they can revisit.

Hi @cutefatboy,

You need to have a separate collection for that. Call it, for instance, “Diet Entries”. The collection should have the following properties:

  • relation to User (one User can have many Diet Entries)
  • meal name (could be text)
  • relations to chicken, numbers, and unit measurements (1:many)

With this, user will be able to create his/her own Diet Entries for various meals. If you’d like to allow them to create a Meal Plans, then you can add another collection (Meal Plans), which can contain Plan Name, relation to User, and relations to Diet Entries (one Meal Plan can have many Diet Entries).


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