3 Lists of Person - Food and Meal

Hi all,

i’m a bit stuck (maybe in my head only … but definetly in my current work :wink: ): My problem: I have 3 Lists and I stuck a bit combining them the right way. Imagine it a bit as a “Food Logger”

  1. A list of a Person, who can have different Meals
  2. A list of food, a Person can choose from (e.g. Steak or Rice)
  3. A list of meals on one specific day including all the food (" Food Saturday")

1 Person can have multiple meals
1 Meal can have multiple foods but the Food has also different weights. Like the steak can have 200g and the rice 50g.

Where I stuck: I can make the relationship between “meal” and “food” in one “meal”-database-entry but i dont know how to add the different weights.

Hope you may help? :slight_smile:

@mazze Hi Matthias, I create a draft clonable app: https://previewer.adalo.com/0e3ded2e-1436-4aa7-a665-48ba0338e5d4 where you can see the relationships of

  • User has many meal
  • A meal has many food items
  • a food item has a weight/amount property

Woah, perfect. Can’t thank you enough :slight_smile: Looks awesome and that’s just what I need :slight_smile:

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