Allow users to group their contacts into "circles"

Hi! I’m new to Adalo and am testing things out with the trial version. For my app, I’d like my users to be able to broadcast their posts to specific users that they would group in circles, much like Google + used to allow. It would be different from a group as the user would decide which contacts were in which circle and this would be unknown to the other contacts.

For example. My user wants to send a message to their contacts that like to play soccer with. They create a post and share to “soccer buddies”. Only the folks in the “soccer buddies” list will see the post.

Hi @kmg,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

So what you want is that there are groups that users creates ( circles ) and then user can upload post(s) and has to select in which group ( circle ) has to be displayed and after posting the post(s) should be displayed in that selected groups ( circles ) only right?

Did you started building the app? If it is could share a recording of your setup?

Thank you