Allow users to leave reviews / recommendations

Hi all
Another question, this time on a possible review / recommendation process. I’d like users to be able to add their comments to s/o else’s profile by linking it to an existing transaction.

Let’s say I bought a bike from s/o and I loved it, so I’ll go find the profile and leave him a review (Text) and is possible a positive / negative type of rating (I thought about TRUE /FALSE for this). I think I need to create a separate collection for “Reviews” and “Transaction” and link them to the user profile. Also, I was thinking to add a form to leave reviews and then display it in a simple list form with an icon “good or bad experience” for each entry. After each submission I’d like the profile to be updated with a calculated number of good & bad reviews (possibly with magic formulas assuming I could count good and bad somehow).

Please let me know if I’m heading in the right direction.
Thank you in advance.

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Yep, that all sounds like it makes sense!

How did you end up counting good and bad?