📱 Multiple issues with Testflight iOS

Hello Adalo friends!

I’m having several issues with Testflight iOS; multiple features that work in web preview don’t work in Testflight.
Is there anyone experiencing something similar?
Testflight used to work fine until January – I’m unsure if something has changed (?)
For reference, I’m based in Australia. Has the location (or any other condition) of the servers changed?

Thank you all!

Hello, can you please provide examples on the features that aren’t working?

Thank you!

I am facing an issue with Android build recently, things are fine on web and IOS, but not on Android
Main issue now is that images are not showing when using URL as source, not sure if it is happening to anyone else, and sorry to say that, but support team is not helping me well with it

Thanks for your responses Ali-Bazzi and mohmdfawzi!

My TestFlight issues are only getting worse at this point :joy:

Here’s a summary:

  1. I can barely get one iOS Testflight build every 10-15 tries. When I tap on “Start new TestFlight build”, it prompts the overlay “Checking credentials” and stays like that for hours.

  2. For the few times that it actually completed the build, the TestFlight had an unstable issue with modals: often, when the user closes a modal, the app crashes. This issue is not consistent – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I submitted a ticket to customer support but they’re not able to replicate this issue, and recommend to ask here instead.

I test my internet speed and it’s supposed to be OK (?): 205.2 Mbps download, 12.6 Mbps upload.

For reference, I’m based in Australia. TestFlights used to work fine until January, but since the start of this month they’re a nightmare.

Any ideas of what could it be happening, and how to solve it?

Many many thanks!!

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