Am getting a lot of empty users

So everyday am getting 30 to 40 empty users, here the screeshot. How do I prevent bots from signup?

I would guess that you have more than 1 signup action somewhere.

Check your signup action flow, check the on-screen actions also. Ensure that you only have 1 signup action. Screenshots would be helpful too.

I checked am sure I dont have another sign up action other than the one on sign up form


Bots attempt to fill fields, that’s why I am assuming that it’s not bots. All values are empty.

It’s possible that you didn’t input the variables into the fields when you created a record. Double check as I’ve had some records creation / update records that have recently gone blank and had to rebuild them.
Screenshots on the sign up form would be helpful if you are certain you don’t have a form anywhere else.

Here the screenshots, I checked, all screen and no sign up actions, any other ideas?

select the Signup button and expand the actions you have set there and where the fields are added.

You might want to flip the color scheme so that your darker green tone is the background and the brighter green tone is the button… but that’s not really what you’re asking about lol

select the fields and expand that please

I’m also curious about what your User update action is.
I wonder if you’re updating the fields into blank on accident?
Open it all up and hopefully we can find out what the problem might be.

I think you should remove the update - that information should be already placed in the first form. And there are some tricky limitations of adding additional actions on the signup buttons, etc.

It’s not overly complicated to add that back if it’s not the cause.

Basically, by working backwards to find out at what stage it works, you can figure out what step is having issues.

Alright guys let me try that. Thanks

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Perhaps it would be more efficient to have you do a screen recording where you walk through and click of all components, groups, lists, screens, and actions.

You can use a tool like Loom to record your screen for free.

I’m getting the exact same thing. I’ve had my web app running for a year and without making any changes in the editor one day it started to happen so I dont think I made a mistake. Still trying to figure it out

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