Signup not working

Hi everyone,

So my app is basically done but now I’ve noticed a bug. When the user goes through onboarding and finally hits signup it is linked to another screen and creates the “user”. However, it doesn’t want to transition to the next linked screen.


Hmm, I wanted to avoid the form component that I way it’s a better experience through the process.

What happens after you hit signup? It just stays in that same screen and doesn’t appear in my database.

Yes, they are all grouped

Oh are you saying that there is an order to which action is performed first? Let my try that.

So add do an “update” instead of “create”?

No, it’s still not. I created link then user in that order.

I think you’ll need to use the Signup Action instead of the Create action.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 1.39.24 PM

Oh, I think that might be the issue. I do get an error now saying that the email is already in use even if it isn’t. Is it because I’m pulling information from a different screen?

Yes the Signup action is specifically tied to the Users collection and does validation whereas the Create action is not.

The “Create User” action can be used as you are using it, but it doesn’t sign a user in, it just creates a record. You would have to use the “Sign In” action after this to achieve both. But the “Sigh Up” does both of these in one step!

Ah, I see. However, now it tells me the email has already been used even though that is false.

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