Am I wrong ? Text editor horrible experience

I am wrong or Adalo’s text editor is just horrible?


Each time I want to write a text, words are auto-deleting if I add a space for instance, or if I add a word that is a little longer than the limit of the line.

If I’m doing a copy/paste of a text from another editor, it’s even worst: some words are sticked to others, and if I want to add a space between them to make it readable again, all the following words of the current paragraph are auto-deleted.

This is really annoying to me.

So am I alone to experience it?

Does anyone have tips to make it more comfortable to use ?

And sorry for the first sentence of my message, but yeah, I suffered while trying to write text in my app, and that’s why I was a stupid angry man when I wrote it 2 minutes ago :slight_smile:

PS = I only found this topic, which is from 2,5 years now, and without any answer: Problem with text editor