Text lag after 3 lines


I’ve noticed that once I hit ~4 lines of text, the editor becomes unresponsive, taking 30s+ to perform a simple delete.

I also can only select one paragraph at a time.

I’m trying to add privacy & licence agreements and it seems impossible. Is there a way to add large bodies of text or is that not possible presently?

Yeah right now the editor is pretty slow, so I would suggest opening a new tab then type in what you want but DON’t click enter, on your computer do CTRL A then CTRL C then in the editor where you want the text CTRL V.

I hope this helps! This is the only workaround that I know right now.

That’s not the way in my opinion as I have text feature annoying me as much, once you copy & paste the editor crash, all we have to do to work around this is using type tool twice or much depending on what you want to add until adalo become more responsive, as I experienced some changes with the performance that it handles texts for me.